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Marktechnical supplies a complete range of approved measuring and control instruments for the maritime industry. Applications include pressure measurement for steering gear, pump control, level measurement, high/low level switches, flow measurement for fuel consumption, oil temperature monitoring, engine pressure monitoring, mechanical thermostats, pressure gauges, analog and digital displays, flow switches for sea water supply, exhaust gas temperature sensors, differential pressure transmitters NAT/NAT for oil filters, explosion proof instruments and sensors for hydrogen systems. Marktechnical's products are used for:

  • Motors Monitoring pressure and temperature of lubricants, fuel, intake air, turbocharging, cooling water or common rail injection
  • Hydraulics Hydraulics on deck cranes, cylinders or line pressure
  • Pumps Monitoring of pump pressure of various media also for explosive environments
  • Fill level Level monitoring in ballast tanks or water ingress control systems
  • Ballast water Pressure monitoring in physical and chemical treatment units
  • Gears Pressure and temperature monitoring of lubricant
  • Compressors Monitoring of inlet and outlet pressure before and after compression
  • Separators Preparation of fuel oil and treatment of bilge water
  • Steering pressure monitoring of hydraulic oil

Product lines:

Trafag Pressure Transmitters The electronic pressure transmitters are based on Trafag's proprietary sensor technologies: thin-film-on-steel and thick-film-on-ceramic. Combined with in-house developed ASIC electronics, these offer excellent long-term stability and maximum precision under the toughest conditions. The large selection of designs allows you to choose the optimal product for a wide range of applications. In particular, we would like to mention that the successful common-rail pressure transmitter with measuring ranges up to 2,500 bar has been certified by the ten largest ship inspection companies. Trafag Pressure switches Trafag mechanical pressure switches offer high vibration resistance and switching point accuracy combined with an exceptionally rugged design for years of maintenance-free use in harsh environments. Various sensors based on bellows, diaphragm and piston principles cover a wide range of pressure ranges, media and load cycle profiles. Trafag Thermostats With decades of experience in successfully supplying thermostats to the shipbuilding industry, Trafag's products have a long track record of proven reliability and accuracy. Different product lines with a variety of features and options offer a wide media temperature range and high switching point accuracy in a very robust design. Temperature sensors with ship's seal Marktechnical specializes in designing thermocouples and Pt100 temperature sensors for all industries, including machinery and engine manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas. We offer custom designs to meet your exact needs. Our sensors are made to exacting quality standards and are used worldwide under harsh conditions.

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